Brooks Running

For the Young Ones, ​we made two risky campaigns for Brooks Running

focusing on increasing sales at malls and encourage runners to switch to Brooks.

Drugs and crime. That's all you need to know.

1. Purest Runner's High

For years, Brooks has refined its products to produce the best quality running goods.

While people continue to chase the runner's high, we'll show them

it's an addiction they don't have to hide. ​

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Track House

If you're looking for the purest runner's high you can find, ​

you've come to the right place. Brooks Shoe Dispensaries will pop up

in malls across the country - just look for the Brooks Dealer and get your goods.

In Store Strand Poster
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2. Run Like You Stole 'Em

To give prospective customers a feel for Brooks shoes, this promotion

has cashiers at select stores asking, "Do you wanna buy these or steal 'em?"

Stealing them involves a quick run through the mall,

one that could get you a big reward.


Art Directors: Maria Ossa, TaHir Robinson, Emma Walls, Sydney Aloe, Gracie McNabb

Copywriters: Hope Thomas, Alex Wilson, Kelsey Whipple, Anne-Sophie Collier, Danny Lotito

Illustrator: Emily Sasaki

Photographer: Grant Kelly

Director: Maria Ossa & Hope Thomas

Editor & Motion Media: TaHir Robinson